Friday, July 1, 2016

Science Quest # 2 - Ivory Cloud

Science Quest #2

Ivory Cloud

  First, go to my favorite science Simulation website; PhET
Learn about how molecules jump around and get fast when heated, 
and slow down and jumble together when cold.
Play with the Sim - States of Matter : Basics.  (you may need to install it first on your computer)
Then.. have your parent purchase some Ivory Soap (you can buy it on
Unfortunately, this only works with Ivory Soap.  (sorry!)

Step 1:  Unwrap the Soap
Step 2: place on a microwave safe flat dish
Step 3:  Set the microwave to the highest temperature, for about 10 minutes
Step 4:  Watch carefully; after a minute or two, you will see the soap start to bubble and expand.
Step 5:  Stop the microwave when the soap has expanded enough for you.  (it'll grow quite huge)
Step 6:  Carefully! With Gloves!  remove the soap from the microwave (the plate will be hot)

The soap will feel different to the touch.  You can mold it into shapes and use it as bath soap!
Science bit:  WHY does it do this?  Why have I asked you to play with solids, liquids and gasses simulation? 
How does that tie into what you did?  

Post a picture of your soap after you microwaved it, and explain why it expanded.

Hint:  Ivory soap is full of air bubbles, it will float.

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