Friday, July 8, 2016

Science Quest #3 - Lava Lamps

Science Quest #3

Lava lamps and density experiments

 Start with a clear cup with water in it.  Add 2tbsp of vegetable oil and watched it settle on the top of the water.  What would happen if we added food coloring to it?
Through each step of adding things,  stop and hypothesize about what would happen, or what might happen when you add the next ingredient.

Next, add the salt. Watch  the oil break away and come back to the surface once the salt is dissolved in the water.
What fun... lets mix colors, add more oil, water, and food coloring!  What happens now?

In a new clear cup add  honey, dish soap (is the blue stuff) water, and oil.  Can you see the clear differences in the layers (with the small exception that the dish soap colors the water a bit.)

Science Quest:  Can you make a clear density with
at least 5 different layers?  Mine above is 4.  

Take a picture and show the rest of us!

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